Chapter 5: Programming ProjectsΒΆ

1. Let’s suppose we want to print out a chart showing how the time it takes to fly from one city to another varies with the speed at which we fly. The formula is Distance = Speed * Time. Let`s limit the speed to the range falling between 100 mph and 1000 mph, in increments of 100 mph, therefore the formula you will use is Time = Distance / Speed. You will write a program that will accept the name of the city where the trip is to start, the name of the destination city, the distance from the start city to the destination city, the beginning speed to start the calculation with, and the ending speed of the calculations. Your output will have the following format: Distance from to is Rate(mph) Time(hours) =========== ============= When the chart has been printed, ask if the user wishes to continue, if so, then go back and ask for new input. 2. Write a program to output an ASCII chart like the one below. The program is to show a screen full of information and then pause displaying More(Y/N)?. If the user wishes to see the next screen, he/she presses Y, to terminate the program press N. The program must be sensitive to those characters represented by decimal values 0-31. These are control characters and when sent to a terminal can cause the terminal to lock up. Therefore, the actual character or the hexadecimal or the decimal value must not be sent to the terminal, but only a string of characters representing the image of the decimal, hexadecimal and display character. DEC HEX CHAR DEC HEX CHAR 0 00 ^@ NUL 64 40 @ 1 01 ^A SOH 65 41 A 2 02 ^B STX 66 42 B 3 03 ^C ETX 67 43 C 4 04 ^D EOT 68 44 D 5 05 ^E ENQ 69 45 E 6 06 ^F ACK 70 46 F 7 07 ^G BEL 71 47 G 8 08 ^H BS 72 48 H 9 09 ^I HT 73 49 I 10 0A ^J LF 74 4A J ... 3. Develop a program that will determine the gross pay for each of several employees. The company pays “straight- time” for the first 40 hours worked by each employee and pays “time-and-a-half” for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours. You are to input a maximum of 6 employees. Do not use if statements or a switch statement, but use only loops. The regular hours must not exceed 40. You must handle the input of employee number, last name, first name, regular hours worked, overtime worked, and pay rate. After inputing all values, then compute the net pay using 15% as the deduction amount. After all 6 employees are input, then print totals for regular hours worked, overtime hours worked, gross pay, total deductions and net pay.

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