Chapter 8: Programming ProjectsΒΆ

1. Write a structure,  **struct card**, that will
   represent a card in a standard deck of playing cards.
   You will need to represent both the suit (clubs,
   diamonds, hearts, or spades) as well as the
   rank (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2) of each
   card.  Note that a deck of playing cards can be
   represented as an array declared as

    struct card deck[52];

   Using the above structure write a program that will
   present a menu with the following options:

    1.   Deal Five Cards
    2.   Deal Seven Cards
    3.   Quit the Game

    Enter Selection:

   If the user selects either of the deal options, the
   program will call a function that performs a perfect
   shuffle of the deck.  In a perfect shuffle, the deck is
   broken exactly in half and rearranged so that the first
   card is followed by the 27th card, followed by the
   second card, followed by the 28th card, and so
   on.  The program then asks for how many players are at
   the table.  There can be no more than seven players at
   the table and no less than three players.  The program
   will then deal cards, either five cards per player or
   seven cards per player depending upon the menu
   selection, to the players at the table.  The dealer, the
   program, always is dealt to last.  Using a simple
   scoring method of where A=11, K=Q=J=10, and all other
   cards are of face value, compute and display which hand
   holds the most points.

2. You have been hired to help program a new "Ma Bell"
   telephone feature. The feature allows users with a "PC"
   to obtain a disk of telephone numbers in addition to a
   telephone book. Your job is to write the program which
   will allow the phone information to be used.

   You must allow the addition of and viewing of phone
   number information.

   The program should be able to:

    1. Add people to the telephone list
    2. View all people in the list
    3. View based on just the last name

   You may make the following assumptions:

    1. There are no more than 100 phone numbers
    2. No name is longer than 50 characters.
    3. Only one telephone number per person.
    4. The address should be broken into only
         street # or po box
         street name
         zip code

3. Write a program that uses C++ syntax and that creates an
   index for lines of text.  The program must prompt for a
   topic, no more than twenty characters and blanks are
   allowed.  The topic will be passed through a hashing
   algorithm.  The hashing algorithm will add together the
   ASCII values of the characters composing the topic.  The
   resultant number will be used in a modulo division where
   the divisor will be fifty (50), the maximum number of
   topics allowed.  The result of the modulo division,
   which is the remainder will be used as the index into
   the topic index array, which has 50 elements.  Each
   topic is used to compute its location within the topic
   index array.  The program will then prompt for the input
   of a text string.  The text string will be read into a
   character array,  **kbdBuffer**, that is setup for a
   maximum of 256 characters.  The program will use
    **new** in conjunction with  **strlen** to allocate
   space from the heap that will hold the number of
   characters being held in  **kbdBuffer**.  The data
   will be transferred from  **kbdBuffer** to the
   allocated space.  The address of the allocated space
   will be stored into an array of pointers to character
   type data, which holds 50 pointers.  The index computed
   from the topic string will also be used to determine the
   array index where the address of the allocated space
   will be stored.  A maximum of fifty topics and
   associated text strings can be input.  The user can
   terminate the input of topics early if desired.  After
   the termination of topic input, show the contents of the
   topic array and the associated text string.  Only show
   one screen full at a time.  The letter 'n' or 'N' can be
   used to proceed to the next page of topics and strings.
   The input of the letter 'q' or 'Q' will quit the

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