C++ programming using APLΒΆ

Text output

  • Locate and click on Aakash Programming Lab(APL) icon

    apl icon

    Aakash Programming Lab Icon

  • After clicking on APL icon, you will see a screen with four icons horizontally placed, naming C, C++, Python and Scilab

    apl main page

    APL main page

  • Click on C++ icon, this will land you in the C++ programming console.

    C++ blank screen

    C++ programmming console

  • Touch on Text area to pop up the virtual keyboard. Type your C code in the Text area.

    C++ text console with code loaded

    Text area with code

  • and click on execute button to see the output in Console Output

    C++ output console

    Output of C++ code

[image]right now, only scilab has an additional directory called image beside code directory. The complete path is /mnt/sdcard/APL/scilab/image

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